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Agile and documentation

At a recent presentation one of the questions started something like this.  “You used two words in that sentence that don’t normally go together, Agile and documentation.”  This a common misconception, made more common by the fact that many people … Continue reading

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Slow Down

If you’ve ever played one of those race-car video games you know the wrong way to go fast is to hold the pedal to the metal.  There are plenty of times when you have to back off the gas to … Continue reading

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Entropy and Project Management

I don’t now if it’s happened to you, but it’s happened to me quite often. You set some expectations for what will be done in the morning or the day, then you get started on your meetings.  You check in … Continue reading

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Don’t Put It Off

Whether you’re doing Agile or traditional development, you should think of your work in discrete parts that can be completed The reason you want to work this way is to avoid the problem where the last 10% of the work … Continue reading

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Agile methods call for fearless refactoring.  Fearlessness on its own is foolishness.  Fearlessness based on skill is freedom. When developing code, you must develop it to be testable.  I could talk about the theory of developing testable code, but the … Continue reading

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Development Discipline

Anytime you find someone who is excellent at what they do, you find someone who is disciplined.  Whether it’s sports, the arts, or work, discipline leads to results.  Programming is no different.  If you want to be an excellent Software … Continue reading

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It Seems Hard Because It Is Hard

You read a lot about software development projects failing.  There is a lot of effort put into understanding why Software Development projects fail and looking for ways to make Software Development projects more successful.  But I think one fact is … Continue reading

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