Slow Down

If you’ve ever played one of those race-car video games you know the wrong way to go fast is to hold the pedal to the metal.  There are plenty of times when you have to back off the gas to get the best time.  Quality driving is better than fast driving to get the winning result.

The same applies to software development. Whether it’s responding to a Production emergency or trying to meet a deployment deadline, hurrying is often the worst way to go fast.  A solid, tested, disciplined approach will do much more to help you meet your goals than all the speed in the world.

It may seem wrong, but all evidence shows that doing excellent work takes more time for any individual piece, but helps the overall project go faster.

If you’ve implemented a management framework like Scrum with a desire to achieve hyper-velocity, it’s time to implement a development framework like XP, Paired Programming, or Test Driven (now Behavior Driven) Development to make that hyper-velocity work.  The kinds of mistakes that undisciplined teams make that reduce velocity include:

  • Accumulating technical debt
  • Creating regression errors
  • Excessive refactoring
  • Untestable software
  • Over-engineered code

So try slowing down.  Learn one of the quality approaches to development listed above and apply it in your team.  It may seem slow at first, but after just a few Sprints, the velocity will speak for itself.

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