What’s In a Name?

I have finally formed my company, Agile Integrity, LLC.  Picking a name that presented me was difficult, especially since so many good ideas were taken.  Ultimately I settled on Agile Integrity.

Agile, of course, because I believe that is the wave of the future.  If you haven’t already made the move to Agile, you need to start.  And I don’t mean just Agile software development, I mean becoming an Agile organization, but I’ll write about that in another post.  You need to start for two main reasons.

1) Agile allows you to produce higher quality software at a lower cost.  Eventually your competitors will be more efficient, and you will have to be as well. Agile is the way to get there.

2) Agile allows you to respond to game changers, even those outside of your control, in the best way yet developed.  Whether it’s shifting from phones to PDAs, PCs to Tablets, or super-jumbo airplanes to smaller, more efficient models, Agile methods give you the best chance at not being obsolete before you get out the door.

Whether it’s a better bottom line or simply the ability to stay in the game, Agile is where you want to be, which is a big reason I want to be there.

Since it’s clear why I chose Agile, why Integrity?  There are three reasons.

1) That’s the way I do business.  I’ll sign contracts, but my motivation is doing what is right, not doing what’s contractually required.  I will make mistakes – I’m only human, but I will work honestly and fairly.  You can count on it.

2) Agile, as an approach, requires great discipline to succeed.  Everyone involved in Agile needs to operate well.  Many have heard of Scrum-but or modified Agile methodologies.  Often those pseudo-Agile approaches fail because they hold on to the worst parts of traditional development.  If you’re going to go Agile, you need to go all the way.  You need to do Agile with Integrity, not with reservations.

3) Agile isn’t just a development paradigm, it’s a way of doing business.  Again, I’ll blog more on this later, but the entire company needs to go Agile, not just the software development or IT group.  Integrity comes from the root “Integer.” One of the synonyms of Integer is “whole.”  If you don’t go wholly Agile, you might as well not go Agile at all.  Going part-way is sure to fail.

So, Agile Integrity means you can expect integrity from me, I will expect integrity from you, and we’re going to have to go all in if we want to succeed.  Anything else isn’t really Agile.

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