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Working in Sprint time

Three separate teams are all working on pieces of the same project at the same time. They’re working with micro-services in individual containers so the teams can develop independently of each other except when there are true dependencies. Why do … Continue reading

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Not If But When

I hear this over and over and over. “We didn’t have time to write automated unit tests and now regression bugs are killing us.” People always struggle with the cost of quality, but the cost of quality can’t be avoided. … Continue reading

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Scrum MVP

If you come from a traditional development background, one of the more difficult transitions you will make is moving from working solely in your area of expertise to doing whatever it takes to finish a Story. You’re used to having … Continue reading

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Nobody likes leftovers.  What does that have to do with Software Development? In a traditional software development program, one of the common discussions is around determining the severity of defects and what kinds, and how many, are acceptable in the … Continue reading

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Agile and documentation

At a recent presentation one of the questions started something like this.  “You used two words in that sentence that don’t normally go together, Agile and documentation.”  This a common misconception, made more common by the fact that many people … Continue reading

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