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Test Automation

I’ve been telling QA professionals for at least 5 years that they need to learn test automation. I don’t mean a record and playback tool. I mean writing test code with the skill of a software developer. Why? The most … Continue reading

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The Agile Plan

It’s a common notion that Agile methods like Scrum mean no planning, just doing. That’s myth. The reality is that Scrum provides and organic way to handle surprises that force a plan to change. This means you don’t have to … Continue reading

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Process vs Passion

When working an Agile project I spend a lot of time trying to get past the “when is it due?” question. Whether it’s from team members or from other teams, people still have a tendency to focus on the process … Continue reading

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I want to start by saying that I’m not a professional recruiter. I’m certain they have challenges I know nothing about. But I know the way recruiting works has to change if we’re going to see Agile methods take hold. … Continue reading

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When is ROI the wrong calculation?

If you’re trying to sell a quality improvement technology or process you’ll eventually be asked to calculate the Return on Investment. Management wants a way to monetize the pros and the cons of the change you’re proposing. Converting your proposal to dollars … Continue reading

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Waterfall Anonymous

My name is Bill, and I’m a Project Manager. Hi, Bill My story isn’t very different from most of yours.  I started out just doing simple experimenting with Gantt charts, hoping it would be an easier way to track my … Continue reading

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Why Agile, why now?

I recently stated to a friend that anyone who is not implementing Agile methods now would be sorry.  He asked me how I would make that pitch to a C-level executive.  It was a valid question.  Normally I look for … Continue reading

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