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The Agile Plan

It’s a common notion that Agile methods like Scrum mean no planning, just doing. That’s myth. The reality is that Scrum provides and organic way to handle surprises that force a plan to change. This means you don’t have to … Continue reading

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Not If But When

I hear this over and over and over. “We didn’t have time to write automated unit tests and now regression bugs are killing us.” People always struggle with the cost of quality, but the cost of quality can’t be avoided. … Continue reading

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Agile methods call for fearless refactoring. ¬†Fearlessness on its own is foolishness. ¬†Fearlessness based on skill is freedom. When developing code, you must develop it to be testable. ¬†I could talk about the theory of developing testable code, but the … Continue reading

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