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Test Automation

I’ve been telling QA professionals for at least 5 years that they need to learn test automation. I don’t mean a record and playback tool. I mean writing test code with the skill of a software developer. Why? The most … Continue reading

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Process vs Passion

When working an Agile project I spend a lot of time trying to get past the “when is it due?” question. Whether it’s from team members or from other teams, people still have a tendency to focus on the process … Continue reading

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A New Normal

“It’s just not reasonable to expect developers to <insert your Agile behavior request here>.” I hear this all the time when working Agile transformations. The issue here is someone who is very effective in the current development process who resists an important change … Continue reading

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The Functional Manager in Agile

When doing an Agile transformation it’s generally easy to get team members on board with what we’re trying to achieve. Most people appreciate the opportunity to become empowered and to have a better understanding of the business goals they’re supporting. … Continue reading

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The Green Field

Recently I’ve spoken on career planning for QA Professionals in the new Agile world. There’s a lot of confusion and a lot of uncertainty because the term Agile is used in so many ways. The confusion causes a great deal … Continue reading

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Control vs. Honesty

At first inspection the two words don’t seem to be in conflict.  It seems that your software development project can be in control our out of control, and your status data be honest or dishonest.  It looks like four valid … Continue reading

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Reasons we do things

Iain McCowatt wrote a good blog on Exploring Uncertainty about Models of Automation.  He got me thinking about why we do the things we do. The first reason is because someone has given us a task.  There’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading

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