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Process vs Passion

When working an Agile project I spend a lot of time trying to get past the “when is it due?” question. Whether it’s from team members or from other teams, people still have a tendency to focus on the process … Continue reading

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One of the keys of Agile is Business Value. Everything is about Business Value. If you’re working on something you should be asking yourself, “Will this produce Business Value?” And, to the extent you can know, “Will the Business Value … Continue reading

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Nobody likes leftovers.  What does that have to do with Software Development? In a traditional software development program, one of the common discussions is around determining the severity of defects and what kinds, and how many, are acceptable in the … Continue reading

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Development Discipline

Anytime you find someone who is excellent at what they do, you find someone who is disciplined.  Whether it’s sports, the arts, or work, discipline leads to results.  Programming is no different.  If you want to be an excellent Software … Continue reading

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It Seems Hard Because It Is Hard

You read a lot about software development projects failing.  There is a lot of effort put into understanding why Software Development projects fail and looking for ways to make Software Development projects more successful.  But I think one fact is … Continue reading

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