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Working in Sprint time

Three separate teams are all working on pieces of the same project at the same time. They’re working with micro-services in individual containers so the teams can develop independently of each other except when there are true dependencies. Why do … Continue reading

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The art of the small

First, my apologies for skipping more than an entire year. I knew it had been a while, but I hadn’t realized my last post was in December of 2014. My resolution for 2016 is to be more regular. Most developers … Continue reading

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Agile by the numbers

If you’re reading this looking for a simple formula for implementing an Agile methodology you won’t find it. Agile by the numbers is a pipe dream because agility isn’t a task you accomplish, it’s a trait you develop. And developing … Continue reading

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When is ROI the wrong calculation?

If you’re trying to sell a quality improvement technology or process you’ll eventually be asked to calculate the Return on Investment. Management wants a way to monetize the pros and the cons of the change you’re proposing. Converting your proposal to dollars … Continue reading

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Scrum MVP

If you come from a traditional development background, one of the more difficult transitions you will make is moving from working solely in your area of expertise to doing whatever it takes to finish a Story. You’re used to having … Continue reading

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More You May Be a Scrum-but

Herewith, the final installment of You May Be a Scrum-But.  Feel free to check out Part 1 and Part 2 before reading this post. If you have to run all decisions through management, you may be a Scrum-but. You won’t achieve hyper-velocity … Continue reading

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You May Be a Scrum-but

Continuing on with my abuse of Jeff Foxworthy’s classic formulation, here are a few more ways in which you might be missing the full value of Scrum.  You can see the first list in Part 1. If your developers keep … Continue reading

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