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Agile Test Automation – Practically

In the last post I mentioned that our automation team had been able to achieve in-Sprint automation. We achieved most of what I wanted, which was a huge step forward for this client. In this post I want to share … Continue reading

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Process vs Passion

When working an Agile project I spend a lot of time trying to get past the “when is it due?” question. Whether it’s from team members or from other teams, people still have a tendency to focus on the process … Continue reading

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I want to start by saying that I’m not a professional recruiter. I’m certain they have challenges I know nothing about. But I know the way recruiting works has to change if we’re going to see Agile methods take hold. … Continue reading

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The Right People

An Agile project needs good people. But what makes good people for an Agile project? They need skill in the work at hand, of course. But you need more than just skills. There are some other competencies that are critical … Continue reading

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Scrum MVP

If you come from a traditional development background, one of the more difficult transitions you will make is moving from working solely in your area of expertise to doing whatever it takes to finish a Story. You’re used to having … Continue reading

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Islands in the Stream

When scaling Agile, most people still talk about a Scrum of Scrums. This is a meeting where the individual ScrumMasters discuss issues that have impact across teams. I’m not sure the Scrum of Scrums name is correct, because these meetings … Continue reading

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I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. – Frank Herbert, Dune A little healthy fear is a good thing.  It’s what identifies risks to team members.  It’s what encourages people to plan well.  It’s what allows you to consider … Continue reading

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