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Waterfall Anonymous

My name is Bill, and I’m a Project Manager. Hi, Bill My story isn’t very different from most of yours.  I started out just doing simple experimenting with Gantt charts, hoping it would be an easier way to track my … Continue reading

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Why Agile, why now?

I recently stated to a friend that anyone who is not implementing Agile methods now would be sorry.  He asked me how I would make that pitch to a C-level executive.  It was a valid question.  Normally I look for … Continue reading

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More You May Be a Scrum-but

Herewith, the final installment of You May Be a Scrum-But.  Feel free to check out Part 1 and Part 2 before reading this post. If you have to run all decisions through management, you may be a Scrum-but. You won’t achieve hyper-velocity … Continue reading

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You May Be a Scrum-but

Continuing on with my abuse of Jeff Foxworthy’s classic formulation, here are a few more ways in which you might be missing the full value of Scrum.  You can see the first list in Part 1. If your developers keep … Continue reading

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Being vs. Doing

I’m going to thank Joe Little for introducing me to the term Scrum-but, although I don’t think it’s his.  This is an organization that is doing Scrum – but with some changes to the typical process.  I’m not talking about … Continue reading

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More than a buzzword

Recently I received a job opportunity in my inbox.  This particular opportunity was for a Project Manager/ScrumMaster.  This attempt to meld two distinct approaches signaled a warning that the rest of the job description amplified.  When printed, the list of … Continue reading

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Project Decision Making

The most important decisions managers make involve effective use of money. Money is the language of limitations.  Managers talk in terms of budgets and projected costs and ROI, but what they’re really talking about is how to do the most … Continue reading

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