Two-Day Agile QA Course

Agile for the QA Professional
Check back for the next scheduled class
Course fee is $800 per person
Registration Ends Sept 26, 2014

This course will cover Agile from a QA Perspective and provide attendees with tools to change their approach to Quality Assurance and Test to support an Agile development program. The course will focus on Scrum, the most popular management methodology in the U.S., but the materials will be applicable to any Agile methodology.

What’s Covered

  • Agile and QA
  • Scrum and QA
  • QA and Backlog Grooming/Estimating
  • Holistic Testing
  • Test (Sprint) Planning
  • Test Execution
  • Release Planning
  • Managing Test Data and Environments
  • Agile QA Career Planning

Who should attend?

  • QA Managers who want to understand how QA works in an Agile environment
  • QA and Test experts who want to understand how to operate in a Scrum team
  • Scrum Masters who need a better understanding of QA

The class will be a mix of instruction, discussion, and exercises to allow attendees to begin supporting an Agile environment immediately.

Contact to register or for more information. Space is limited so reserve your seat soon.

About the Author/Presenter

Bill Rinko-Gay has over 30 year of experience in Software QA, Software Development Project Management, and Scrum. Since 2005 Bill has been looking for better ways to practice Quality Assurance using Agile methods. Bill is a practitioner and instructor in traditional QA, Scrum, and Agile QA. He’s worked in manufacturing, energy, publishing, finance, and federal, state, and city governnment. Bill uses practical experience and theoretical understanding to give a solid foundation to QA practitioners looking to make the transformation to Agile and Scrum.


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